Rate my move

So I’m in a 12 team standard league and I just traded away CMac, Golladay, Goff, and Robby Anderson for Zeke, Adam Thielen, and Deshaun Watson.

Good move?

This is now my roster

You traded one stud and three other productive guys away for one stud who probably will miss multiple games, and two others who have performed at sustained stud-levels.

You compromised your RB stability; the stud you’re getting isn’t much of an upgrade over the one you gave away, even if he does end his holdout. Some would argue you gave away the better back.

You upgraded QB and this could really turn out well for you. But as we all know, the difference in production between high drafted QBs and late rounders is not enough to justify drafting QBs high.

The receiver you got is a definite upgrade over both of the ones you traded, but his offense has changed philosophy and when they did that last year, his numbers took a nosedive. You’ve also compromised your depth at the position.

I’m having a hard time justifying this deal, but I can see why you wanted to do it.

Appreciate the insight…I knew that trading away CMac and Goff for Watson and Zeke was pretty much a wash but I really wanted to shore up my receivers…I’m hopping it works out but I’m also trying to see if I can get the Nuk owner to trade lol

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Definitely field more opinions than mine. I’m just a guy :grinning:.

I’m iffy on this trade. The amount of games zeke will play is unknown so that is the only thing that worries me. If zeke ends his holdout and shows up week 1 then I like this trade for u, but I have no idea what is going to happen with him so I personally wouldn’t have done the deal