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Rate My Preseason Mock


Keep in mind that the mock i did is very intelligent to my league. It has every keeper in the right round and it has every draft pick trades in the right spots.

12 Team PPR Keeper League (Keepers in our league is you lose the round before u drafted this player)
Example. Drafted Mike thomas in the 9th, he is now an 8th round keeper in this years draft.

This is a 6-point per Td and 1 point every 10 yards for QB scoring.
1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1 Flex (RB,WR,TE) 1Def/ST 1 IDP

                               (Round.Pick)    *Remember there were draft pick trades*

QB: Jameis Winston (Keeper 8.12)
RB1: David Johnson (1.1)
RB2: Christian McCaffrey (3.12)
WR1: Mike Evans (Traded Keeper 2.7)
WR2: Larry Fitzgerald (4.12)
TE: Hunter Henry (10.2)
FLEX: Julian Edelman (5.1)
Def/ST: Cardinals (14.12)
IDP: Jamie Collins (15.1)

Golden Tate (6.2)
Ameer Abdullah (7.1)
Danny Woodhead (8.1)
Frank Gore (9.1)
Jeremy Maclin (11.1)
Alvin Kamara (12.12)
Kirk Cousins (13.1)

Let me know what you think about the team in general, my keepers, the rounds i got players etc. I know you dont know what other players were available or what other players were keepers but still. Break it down for me. Thanks!


Enjoy your #footclan title cause that’s a hella good team.

You’ve got 3 PPR great RB’s, lots of RB depth and QB depth for great trade bait incase one of your PPR darling WR’s goes down.

Much like.


Yeah I’ve been trying to focus on backs early in the draft since there’s much more depth at WR later on


Very solid, you don’t really have much to worry about. Just make keep an eye out for potential QBs to stream.


1 point for every ten yards for a QB? you best start cousins then. holy shit thats some crazy scoring. other than that i think you need a more reliable RB2. christian is unproven, woodhead is on a new team and getting injury prone, gore is 1 billion years old, kamara is going to wait 2 years to start, and ameer… i like ameer. im just iffy on what he will do. and you need 1 more WR. just in case injuries start flying around. other than that i love your team.


All he needs is 1 of the questionable guys to hit.


Heck of a draft. I would be stoked to get those players at those spots. Nice work!


Great draft. I like Cousins better than Winston. I think he will have a better fantasy season than Winston but in the eight round it’s not bad. I have the same QB philosphy. I will wait and then grab 2-3 QBs that have been overlook while everyone is scrambling for 2nd and 3rd tier RBs/WR. I am not fan of the scrambling QB. It takes many years for them to settle in and actually make their 2nd, 3rd and 4th reads before taking off a la Steve Young and Randall Cunningham. The WRs are solid. I do agree with a previous poster about your 2nd RB but you have Gore and Abdullah. Johnson will anchor your RB core. I think you are in real good shape. Good luck with your league.


Winston would be a keeper for me. Im debating whether to keep him or just take the chance of grabbing one later in rounds. I would also argue that Winston kind of developed as a pocket passer, i dont think you can consider him a scrambler like russell wilson or cam, qbs of that running ability. Yes hes mobile and able to run if he has to but i dont think he tends to run first. But this is just a mock anyway my real draft isnt until late august.