Rate my Squad? Redraft 10 Team PPR, 8th Spot

QB: Brady, Lance
RB: Ekeler, Gibson, Sermon, Dillon, Gio
WR: A-Rob, Amari, Lockett, Aiyuk, Shenault, Callaway
TE: Higbee
Def: Niners (for atleast week 1 vs Lions)
K: Butker

Where to improve? I’d say RB for a solid RB3 maybe move lockett or aiyuk

Offer Lance in a deal for a better tight end. It’s a 1 QB league, Brady is your starter every single week.

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I guess you had traded away your first round pick before the draft, so that makes it a little tougher to assemble a competitive squad. It’s kind of like taking a TE in the first; it pushes all your skill players down a round.

I wouldn’t trade Lockett or Aiyuk, as you’ll probly be starting them on the reg.

Lance was a wasted pick, but I guess that’s who you’ll drop for bye week coverage and such.

You have a solid TE, but for a 10 teamer, this really isn’t very good.


His first pick was likely Ekeler. It’s a fine team.

His draft probably went

  1. Ekeler
  2. Gibson
  3. Robinson
  4. Cooper
  5. Lockett
  6. Aiyuk
  7. Sermon
  8. Shenault
  9. Brady
  10. Dillon
  11. Higbee
  12. Lance
  13. Niners
  14. Callaway
  15. Bernand
  16. Butker


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1st 6 are right, then
7. Shenault
8. Brady
9. Sermon
10. Dillon
11. Higbee
12. Callaway
13. Niners
14. Bernard
15. Butker
16. Lance

If sentences could be oxymorons, those would be.