Rate my standard scoring roster

We did our draft last weekend and I felt pretty good about it but now I’m hearing some negative reports about miles sanders and marlon Mack. That hurts my RB depth big time if that’s the case. Should I be worried?
I’ve already offered a trade for Mack to j Howard and also sanders for duke johnson.

I can only add one photo as a new user so here is my bench

B-. I think there’s a lot of potential, but that’s also all it is. Mack will still be very serviceable without Luck, but his upside is now capped. Montgomery and Sanders I think will prove to be very useful by the middle of the season. Starting 2 WRs look awesome but it’s so downhill after that - Gallup could maybe pan out if Cooper misses time.

Also, I’d never draft two QBs OR two TEs, and you did both. They’re wasting bench spots. I love Hockenson but I don’t think he should be on a roster this year. Drop both him and Cousins and look for the upside guys on the waivers.

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I always do. Carry two through my starters bye. Is this really that bad of a strategy. This is the first year I am hearing not too.

The later rounds when you’re drafting the second QB or TE always have potential breakout candidates like Anthony Miller. I’d much rather draft someone like that and then just drop someone on the roster who isn’t panning out to stream a QB or TE during a bye week.

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I would at least drop the TE. Carrying a roster spot for a mediocre backup that will play in only 1 game is punitive. You need as many spots as possible to scoop up players that emerge in the beginning of the season. I’m confident that you will be able to pick up a TE for that one bye week off of waivers that will be as good, or even better.


Thank you!

Appreciate the advise!

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Even when I drafted the second QB and TE my commissioner cringed at me

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I’ve dropped the TE but I’m using Kirk as a trade option to a guy who has a shittier QB and trying to get duke out of it. I also offered him Mack as I need to drop a RB to get duke.