Rate my Superflex Dynasty Rebuild.... So far

Team was aging, not much depth and still had a some bigger names that we could cash in on. Co-Manager and I have made 4 trades so far and still have a few pieces we are willing to move. Here are the moves so far:

Gave: Keenan Allen
Recieved: 2023 1st

Gave: Joe Mixon
Recieved: 2022 1.06, 2023 1st, 2024 3rd

Gave: Brandin Cooks
Recieved: Shenault, 2024 2nd, 2024 2nd

Gave: Nick Chubb
Recieved: Crowder, 2023 1st, 2024 1st

Guys we still have available to move: Brady, Hopkins, Kittle. Those are the guys we will probably move at some point over this next season.

Main guys we are holding: Kyler and Waddle.

I like it, all pretty solid. I’m guessing its pretty hard to trade player for player in your league?

Sort of. But it just so happened that the guys that were willing to pay up, didn’t have guys we were after.

I don’t hate any of the trades as one offs but it looks like you would have been competitive this year so I don’t know that I would necessarily be tearing it down as aggressively this early when only getting 1 additional pick this year.

It’s a good chance Chubb and Mixon are RB 1’s this year along Hopkins as a WR 1. If that happens, you know Allen would be a solid 2 with Waddle being a wild card. Kittle a top 3 TE and both your QBs are solid. Why not wait until mid season to see if you have a chance to compete? At that point, you can move some of your guys to contenders.

Our depth is bad. We literally only had the big name guys. Even then, Keenan and Hopkins are starting to age out for dynasty. No good third QB after Brady. We probably could’ve competed this year if we had no injuries. But we decided to go all in on getting younger. Mixon and Chubb were our two biggest pieces to gain good draft capital.