Rate my team, 10 man: Diddle My Kittle

.5 PPR
QB: Dak
RB: Mixon
RB: Jacobs
WR: Cooper
WR: Ridley
TE: Cook
R/W/T: Woods
R/W/T: Mostert
R/W/T: McLaurin
K: Elliot
DEF: Chargers

BEN: Edmonds
BEN: Howard
BEN: Snell
BEN: Chris Thompson
BEN: Dionte Johnson
BEN: Anthony Miller
BEN: Sterling Shepard

Solid squad little lean on rb depth but definitely a good starting group

Yeah man, I still regret not taking the risk on Gibson. Could have snatched him in the 11th :persevere:

As far as rb depth goes, you’re right, it’s a weakness. I just had Robert woods starring me in the face in the 5th! I was basically forced to take him…

I love woods too so don’t blame you for that pick haha!