Rate my Team... 10 team HPPR, #1 Pick

10 Team Half Point PPR… I had 1st Pick

QB= J.Goff
RB= A.Kamara, N.Chubb, J.Jacobs, D.Montgomery, D.Thompson, R.Jones
WR= M.Evans, DJ.Moore, R.Anderson, C.Ridley, E.Sanders, D.Samuel
TE= K.Rudolph

Positions to start
1x QB
2x RB
3x WR
1x FLX

Solid B/B+. Skeptical of your WRs, especially since you have to start 3. I’d look to maybe package D. Thompson and R. Anderson for an upgrage there. Otherwise looks great.

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I always draft heavy RB at the top of the draft and look target a better WR in a trade after a couple weeks … Its worked for me every year cause all the guys taking WRs dont have RBs lol … But thats the plan…

Dang dude. You’re like me and have all the RBs haha. They’re great to trade with the dudes who don’t have RBs like you said. It provides great leverage. I like your team and you’re just one WR away from having a solid 3 starters. I like the top 3 you do have anyways.

Yeah they are great for trade bait when injuries start to happen lol… I’m in no rush to trade any of them but if someone gets desperate lol… I was just shocked that they let Chubb get to me at the 2/3 turn… They were all concentrating on WRs I guess lol