Rate My Team - 10 team PPR

I would love some feedback with my most recent mock. I’m preparing for a 10 team PPR at the 8th pick.

QB: Matt Stafford
RB: Saquon Barkley
RB: Melvin Gordon
WR: Doug Baldwin
WR: Stefon Diggs
FLEX: Dion Lewis
TE: Jack Doyle
DEF: New Orleans
K: Jake Elliot
BE: Jay Ajayi
BE: Corey Davis
BE: Tevin Coleman
BE: Kerryon Johnson
BE: Sterling Shepard
BE: Allen Hurns
BE: Corey Clement

I would’ve loved Tyreek over Baldwin but he got picked up right before my pick and then opted for Diggs over Cooper. I’m comfortable with it but what do you all think?

So you got Saquon and Melly Gordo, huh? Pretty good.

I think you’re better off with baldwin than with Tyreek. And if diggs pops the way some say he will, then you’re golden with this draft strategy. However, if those wideouts visit their floors more often than their ceilings, then you might be kicking yourself for passing on a heavy duty wideout with the pick after the turn, at 2.03.

I’m an Ajayi believer; even when the eagles starting offensive line has been undermanned and looking sloppy in pass protection, they have been opening gaping holes against the opponent’s number 1s. Even Wendell Smallwood, who has always had below average synch-rhythm with his o-line and pretty bad downfield vision, was busting 10 and 15 yard runs last night. Ajayi will get the ball a lot and he’s more gifted than Smallwood, to say the least. So you’ve got some good depth at RB that might allow you to sell high on one of those guys and strengthen your WR corps in the process. Look at the teams in your league that are dying for RBs and see if they’ve got WRs that would help.

Hope springs eternal this time of year…looks like a good team to me! Good luck, man…

I like it a lot. A bit shallow at WR, but I love your starters. I’d probably try to package some bench pieced for a solid 3rd WR if I can. Not pressing, and you have some guys who could hit and make this moot. Just a nit pick.

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Feedback, that’s a nasty team. Good nasty I should say. You have 2 RB1s and 2 WR1s. You have plenty of potential on your bench. The only thing I’m not in love with is doyle, but honestly it’s the kind of pick you get when you do the right thing like you did, and draft WR and RB depth. This is a NASTY team. Only concern, injuries. Baldwin is hurt right now even if it isnt serious, Diggs is injury prone, Davis coming off of one, Lewis is prone, Coleman is prone… but it isnt a huge worry cause injuries happen constantly anyway. That’s just q lot to deal with if it all happens to happen again to these players.