Rate my team 12 man .5 ppr

Phillip Rivers
David Johnson
Jerrick Mckinnon
Royce Reeman
Adam Thielen
Chris Hogan
Jordan Reed

Emanual Sanders
Cortland Sutton

Denver Defense

Pretty solid squad on everyone except McKinnon. Looks like you spent your 2nd round pick on McKinnon. Horrible overpay. Willing to bet by seasons end, McKinnon probably gets outproducd on a per game basis by guys on your bench. You could have used that McKinnon Pick to acquire a better receiver. Thielen as the WR1 is discomforting and as much as I love Hogan, I’d prefer to play him as my flex rather than my WR2.

Love sanders though. Not sure why you got Sutton and Sanders. I don’t really see sutton as a factor this year. Great in dynasty in keeper, not so much in redraft.

I appreciate your opinion on this thank you. I will have to disagree about hugely overspending on McKinnon, with a lot of my players I am focusing on a big risk reward factor. Mckinnon was actually my 3rd pick and Thielen was my 2nd. When it came down to receivers on my 2nd pick Thielen was the highest on the UDK consensus ratings. My other options could have been Fitz, Cooper, Diggs who all fall in the same tier. I really like Cooper but didn’t want to take another shot on him since he burned me last year.

On the way back Mckinnon was up who once again was the highest valued RB left on the consensus ratings, I believe there is a possibility of huge upside if he is used. The only RB left in the same tier was Mccoy, yet again I want to gamble on the upside.

As for Sutton I am a huge Broncos fan so why wouldn’t I grab him for fun on my last pick. The Broncos run 3 wide all of the time so he will get a large amount of playing time. He is a huge body and is similar to Thomas, I think he has a shot at emerging in his role.

Personally taking diggs over thielen. Diggs is the WR1 in that offense, pretty confident in that. And he is 100% more talented both as a route runner, and as a red zone threat.

Find it hard to believe McKinnon was the BPA in the 3rd round. There are probably 11 other players available in that round I’d take over McKinnon.

McKinnon is super high risk, for some reward. He just isn’t a good running back, point blank. Have talked about why extensively on this forum so won’t go into details. If you want to see, just go look at my old posts. It’s not pulled out of thin air, it’s just facts. He’s probably the 2nd best back in SF alone. Now with injury on top of it. I wouldn’t touch McKinnon till 5th or 6th. Guys I’d rather have who I think will outproduce McKInnon this year: Lamar Miller, Jay Ajayi, any rookie RB who is still healthy and may play. If you want to gamble on upside, I’d rather gamble on McCoy who is a talented runner with legit top 6 RB upside.

Cool on sutton. If you’re a fan and want to cheer for your guy, go for it with a late round flier. Doesn’t cost you much.

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