Rate my Team! 12 Team Full PPR - 6th Pick

So I had my draft yesterday, I had the 6th pick in a 12 team full PPR League. I think my team is pretty decent, I’m just not a fan of my receivers after Thielen but I hope one of them breakout.

QB- Matt Ryan
RB- David Johnson
RB- Kerryon Johnson
RB- Tevin Coleman
RB- Darwin Thompson
WR - Adam Thielen
WR - Tyler Boyd
WR- Christian Kirk
WR- James Washington
WR- Marquez Valdez- Santling
WR- Keke Coutee
TE - Travis Kelce
Vikings DST
K - Dan Bailey (Last round pick) think I will end up dropping for another kicker before the Season

I look forward to seeing what you guys/gals think. Thank You!

a few things to go over.

1: im guessing no TEs in this league? or was this just a conscious punt situation and grab off of waivers once its time to set your lineup?

2: i actually love your depth at WR. yes, most of them are maybes or on bad teams, but that many rolls of the dice, at least 1 will work out and you should know pretty quick who to drop who to not.

3: your RBs are fantastic to start, but having coleman and darwin is not ideal for backups. coleman has a lot of potential, but i dont think he ever gets that backfield to himself, and for me is kind of yeah well what have you done for me lately? and i actually love darwin, and think he will be a PPR darling like a danny woodhead or hopefully better. but with this small of a team, and the likelyhood of him being a factor early in the year… i would rather have taken someone else in his stead so i can have a better chance of getting someone relevant now. dont get it twisted though, i really hope im wrong because i love the talent and situation and in dynasty and best ball have been getting him where ever i could.

4: i think overall you did a really good job of seeing late players that have talent, but need the opportunity, and all of them have a good chance. i like this team, and have no complaints about it. just some things i would have done different, but thats a player to player difference, not an, oh my god i think you fucked up bad thing.

your RB depth is very bad. you have 2.5 good RBs. And I don’t personally love all your WRs either

Wowww I actually forgot to include my prized possession, I also have Travis Kelce which I got in the second round.

Thank you very much for your input, this year we decided to go from 7 bench spots to 5 so it’s was an adjustment and I definitely should have gotten more RB depth, but I feel like there is still some good available in Free agency I can go after

oh, that actually makes me feel a lot better about the team as a whole. that actually means you honestly got some damn good value for a few players. KJ and thielen are about the same ADP, and since i know you went DJ then Kelce, that means you got extreme value on both of them since they are both going back of the 2nd. plus that does make a lot more sense with the depth you have. this is one of those prime examples of why its tough to take a TE early like that, but how you can build a team around it to give you some good shots anyway.

I feel like your teeam lacks upside

How so? I feel like I have a couple guys who can boom or bust, like KJ, Coleman, Even Boyd and Kirk