Rate My Team 8 team PPR

Last night, me and my friend’s had our 8 team PPR (redraft) draft. It’s meant to be more of a fun league, no cash on the line, but I’m curious as to how I did in the footclan’s eyes. It’s my second year taking fantasy football seriously, with my other league being a money Dynasty League.

I was drafting 8th out of 8, so I had the 8/9 turn and I think I took pretty good advantage of it, but you be the judge:

Team Name: Too Many Cooks

QB: Russell Wilson/Andrew Luck
RB: Devonta Freeman/Isaiah Crowell/Dalvin Cook/Carlos Hyde/Mike Gillislee/Doug Martin
WR: Jordy Nelslon/Amari Cooper/Brandin Cooks/Allen Robinson/Pierre Garcon
TE: Tyler Eifert
D/ST: Panthers D
K: Cairo Santos (may drop if not healthy)

This team looks great to me. Oh how I wish I played in an 8 team league, so many good players available.

It’s an all star team… what more do you want to know… LOL