Rate my team. Give me your thoughts

I picked from #12 today in my first of three drafts. I personally feel really good about my draft and my overall team. I’d just appreciate some feed back from the footclan. Thanks in advance. PS I changed the team name to Team VTrigger

That RB lineup is :fire::fire::fire: in my opinion. Really liking the WRs, too. I’m not equipped enough for a letter grade, but I’d say you’re sitting pretty nicely!

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Thank you man. I was like pick 12 great. I would say we did have one novice guy drafting and one dude auto drafted because he couldn’t make it so maybe some pieces fell to me and I got lucky but I was not hating my team at the end of this draft. No empty pit in the stomach lol

But I appreciate the feedback. Positive energy and vibes sent back your way for your future drafts

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