Rate my team, heading into year 2

I’d definitely be looking to acquire some RB depth. Possibly package a first this year with a WR like Jones or Lockett and get some much needed depth at the position. Your draft capital in an offensive loaded draft next year will help you no doubt, but if you are able to land a young stud (Chubb Michel etc) I would package a couple of those as well.

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this is interesting. because you definitely got bit by a few RBs potential that didnt pan out like hyde (which i dont hate having because of fournette so that one isnt so bad) and drake, and also got bit by an undrafted rookie destroying freemans value. im comfortable with your WRs, but only because you have plenty of depth to cover for week to week circumstance. QBs are fine, and TEs are fine for the landscape. what makes this interesting to me, is what i have observed from this years rookie RB and WR class so far. your 1.08 and 1.09 might land you some good rookies if the draft is kind to these kids and puts them in spots they can produce. overall as it stands right now, i would give this a C+. and its only because of your RBs. if you had one more solid RB, something you could rely on to be decent this would raise up to a B, maybe a B+ if you have a good RB. i think this is a team you can turn around with a good rookie draft.

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Regardless of draft destination, which rookies should I get to know a bit better? I really like two WR’s in this class but I must draft RB’s?

its too early to say right now, im still trying to build my rookie board. but on another post i just said these three names because i have been impressed with what i saw on film so far. depending on where they go can change my interest though. Hakeem Butler (WR), N’keal Harry (WR), and Elijah Holyfield (RB).

other RBs I have watched but need to see more of that i liked, Devin Singletary, and David Montgomery. but right now the guy i have my eye on and need to watch more of, and i will be super interested to see where he goes… its Elijah Holyfield. ill be watching him like a hawk.