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Rate my team, its a 12 team PPR. plus trade suggestions


The way our draft is set up is after every two rounds, we randomize picks again (your picks for the two rounds always snake) {example: had first pick in the first (snaked so i got 12th second, then i got 11th for the third and snaked 2 for the 4th round}

QBs: Luck, Palmer
RBs: David johnson, crowell, anderson, rawls Murray
WRs: TY hilton, Larry Fitz, Maclin, Pierre Garcon, kenny britt, Tedd Gin jr.
TE: Clay

I think i am a little short on RBs but the ones i have are going to be solid i believe. I only need to start two and if a couple of my WR fliers pan out I think I will be fine…
Whatre your thoughts?


any opinions?