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Rate My Team, it's a 12 Team Standard Scoring League


12 team standard scoring league. I feel I did pretty good, but what do you guys think? Should I make any moves right now or should I stay put with what I have?
QB Dalton
RB Ajayi, Elliott, Kelley, Rawls, West
WR Pryor, Hill, Jeffrey, Cobb, Garcon, Kearse
DEF Eagles
K Catanzaro


Not bad. Eagles are a fairly middling defense. You might want to consider streaming DST. IMO, Catanzaro is a pretty poor kicker. Arizona let him go because he missed crucial Field goals. Btw, Kearse was just traded to the Jets.


What defense should I pick up Ravens or Bills?


Bills for week 1.


Yes, Bills are good. Other possibility is Rams against Luckless Colts. Week 1


Steelers good option too


Should I pick up McFadden just in case Elliott can’t play Week 1? Any other moves I should make?