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Rate my team, pick 14 in a 14 team league


14 team standard with roster limits.
Each team must draft 3QB, 4RB, 4WR, 2TE, 2K, 2D. I had the 14th pick.

QBs are Cousins, Flacco and Goff
RBs are M. Gordon, D. Cook, A. Peterson, S. Perine
WRs are O. Beckham, D. Thomas, M. Bryant, John Brown
TEs are J. Doyle and A. Seferian-Jenkins
Ks are A. Vinatieri and Y. Koo
Ds are Houston and Jacksonville


Looks like a good job for a 14 team league. Maybe find a team lacking WR depth, and trade to add some RB depth to your roster