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Rate my team please all advice welcome


Rate my 10 man standard home draft team
Kirk cousins
Demarco Murray, CJ Anderson, TY Montgomery, Robert Kelly, Jonathan Stewart
Jordy Nelson, Tyrelle Pryor, DeVante Parker, Kelvin Benjamin, Keenan Allen
Random Kicker


I actually really like this team. I think you may have taken some risky players early (if these are listed in order they were drafted, within their positions), but got great value late. If Gronk is relatively healthy, I think you have a very dangerous team. Nice job.


I just posted one of these so I figure I better answer some others haha. I really like your team. I think you’re set up really well - good draft and possibly very good bargaining chips to cover injuries, etc. I’m not a DeMarco guy, but that’s personal opinion :smiley:


I had the 10th pick in a snake. Gronk fell to me at the end of the 3rd I couldn’t pass up that value. Yeah my team could be hit hard with injuries, but let’s hope to avoid that. Thanks for the reply!


I am not particularly either, but I thought he represented the best safe value at the 10th pick. As long as he is healthy I think he should be a workhorse. Thanks for the reply!


I’d consider moving him, if you can. May be a good time to sell high.