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Rate my team plz


It’s a 10 team, 2QB ppr 6 keeper league

I have,
Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Isaiah Crowell, Todd Gurley, Doug Baldwin, Keenan Allen, Leonard Fournette, Eric Ebron
Bench is Jeremy Maclin, Danny Woodhead, Jamison Crowder, Ameer Abdullah, Quincy Enunwa, Brian Hoyer.

Overall I feel good, I would like a top RB or WR, but I feel confident in Gurley and Allen. What do y’all think?


I think you’ve got lots of potential at RB with Crow, Gurley and Fournette. Crow and Fournette are RB1s for me. WR is really strong too with safe guys like Baldwin and Crowder, and all the upside in Allen and Maclin.

Overall its a pretty solid team. I mean you do lack the true elite fantasy guy but I think the sum of the parts here is good.



you are not lacking anywhere which is fantastic. you have a lot of the potential break out guys like crower, ameer, and crowell. if fournette becomes a zeke of last year, or even a partial zeke from last year, and keenan allen stays healthy all year… this becomes an A+ team. and i actually really like the hoyer pick since its a 2QB league.

the downside of this team. if gurley craps the bed like i think he will, if keenan gets hurt, if fournette busts, if crowell gets hurt by the lack of production of a bad team, if maclin cant produce, if woodhead gets hurt again, if ameer gets hurt again or they dont use him like they say they want to… there is so much potential on this team. fantastic potential… but also the potential for busts is everywhere. not to be negative, i just want you to see that this team could go so wrong with the right senario coming along. because every single one of your players has something that could make them tank this year. which granted, so does every player, but im talking about actual potential to tank not just random injuries and what not.