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Rate my team? Standard scoring, 14 team


I haven’t seen many of these, so I hope it’s ok to ask here. My first ‘real’ draft since listening to the ffballers last year. 14 team, standard league. Just the way the draft went, I got 3 RBs first, so my WRs aren’t great. Tried to get some deeper sleepers there. Any opinions are helpful
Andy Dalton
David Johnson
C.J. Anderson
Jamaal Charles
Jeremy Maclin
John Brown
Kenny Stills
Jordan Matthews
Zay Jones
Greg Olsen
And a defense and a kicker


I really don’t like your receivers. I would package cj Anderson and John brown for a top flight receiver, especially since Brown is injured and will never not be lol.


I don’t like them either, but everyone was reaching early for them. I hoped for Crabtree with my 4th, but he was gone. And yeah, hoping for a trade. I think I have the pieces.


You need to get at least one top flight WR… John Brown is always injured and zay jones is really a very deep sleeper (with much potential i think…) Look if someone in your league is in need for RB, i would even think about trading Crowell and Maclin or Stills or Matthews for a Elite WR.


In a 14 team league where you took 3 RBs to start, I don’t mind these 4 receivers at all. If you’ve been listening to the show for a year now, you should know about John Brown and his sickle cell trait related issues. Jaron Brown has surpassed John Brown on the depth chart because he’s healthy and John is not reliable. IF you can move John Brown, do it.

Obviously :musical_note: David Johnson :musical_note: is a stud, I don’t have a lot of faith in the Crow or C.J. though. It would have been interesting to see who else was available at those picks. Charles makes sense since you have C.J. but Toussaint can be an early cut when you need to pick up someone.

I have my first 14 team standard draft in a few weeks so this is interesting to me to see a roster from a 14 team draft. Good Luck!


Hey thanks! I like Crowell, I think he’s a wide variance guy though. CJ is also uncertain. I’m trying to trade one of them in a package deal(trying to get Jordy right now, but I don’t think it’s going to work haha). John Brown went pretty late, maybe 7th round, so he’s more of a flier for me.

It was my first 14 team draft too, so it was interesting. At the 2-3 turn there just wasn’t much available that I wanted. Almost grabbed Crabtree, but it would have been a reach. I can’t remember who was there, but there wasn’t as much as I hoped. By the 6th-7th round you’re taking people a full round ahead, so I had to get my head wrapped around that. It was fun, and definitely makes you go a little deeper in the late rounds, which is cool


eh, i think you only made one mistake. you took CJ anderson with your third pick. i woul have taken anyone in the WR pool at that point over anderson. otherwise, in a 14 man league, this is pretty solid. it wont feel like it because you dont have any big named WRs. but you will more than make up for it with your RB play.