Rate my team - standard

12 team, standard, 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex

QB - Wentz
RB - D. Johnson, C. Carson, M. Sanders, Ballage, Pollard
WR - Evans, Cooks, M. Williams, A. Miller, Allison
TE - McDonald

Solid team given the positions available to you. McDonald could be great, but could also falter some weeks for you. Overall I would say 8/10. Given that Johnson does well this season.

Thanks…the app gave us a draft review and rated DJ as my worst pick at #5, they said I should have taken Julio at #5 yet DJ was rated higher than him. I know the post draft grades mean nothing stuff like that just piss you off.

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Yeah I think you did well. Not a bad team overall by any means. Like the footballers say, stick with who you drafted and stay active. Your team will look much different in the long run than right now.

decent rb depth, pollard might not be a value now that it looks zeke might sign, Could use some back or WR depth with Miller possible being hurt and not having a good timing with his QB. but other than that not bad 8/10