Rate my team, thank you!

It’s half ppr, 10 man. Is this team as good as I think it is? (Paid league)

No, because you’re starting a rookie TE from day 1, without even a backup to start until Pitts gets up to speed (if that even happens at all as a rookie), and you not only drafted a backup QB, but you drafted a backup QB who is a rookie QB from Ohio State, drafted by the Bears. 'Nuff said.

RBs and WRs are pretty solid, though, so it’s good–just not as good as you think it is.


Thank you for your input! Well I don’t normally draft a backup QB at all, so this was more draft fields and see what happens down the stretch. Good point about pitts, I’ll keep that in mind for the future and may pick up a backup TE before week 1

Seems solid. I’m not ecstatic about Singletary, but he’s another RB body. Might want to see if there’s any injured players (like a Rashod Bateman) that you can keep in your IR slot for free.