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ESPN 1pt ppr 10 team snake
QB: A Rodgers
RB : Jay Ajayi, Crowell, Gore, Woodhead, Perkins, Gio Bernard
WR: Jordy Nelson, Stefon Diggs, Moncrief, Cobb, Corey Coleman,
TE: Ertz, Doyle
D: steelers
k : santos


This is a boom or bust team.


haha, yeah. I think some weeks rodgers/jordy can just win for me, but im not really uber strong in an area or uber weak in an area.

Ajayi when pouncy was healthy with the rest of the oline for 4 games averaged 6 ypc while that isn’t sustainable, shows how good the dolphins oline can be and how productive ajayi can be.


I would be pretty darn happy with that team!


Thanks, it feels like an odd team because it’s so ppr centric but I think it has good potential.


Not a fan. Taking Rodgers early and rostering 2 TEs (why?) Really hurt your depth. I’m also not a huge fan of Crowell (and I’m worried about Ajayi, even though I believe the talent is legit), but I get it, RB2 is gross this year. The two of them together makes the RBs.l pretty underwhelming to me. Gore is a solid value for an insurance policy. I’m worried that you may have 2 steerable WRs in your roster, one of which with a history of nagging injuries/missing time, and a potential change of position to a role with less high percentage routes and a QB who historically struggles to push the ball deep. Sorry.


I’d say B- with a B+ upside. I like your draft style, just scared of Diggs moving to the outside, and Crowell. But overall pretty solid


I def don’t like having 2 TE at all. I would try to get more WR as you only have 1 guy you can count on week in and week out. Diggs not in the slot will suffer, Moncrief isn’t PPR and can’t stay healthy, Cobb is a number 3 and also if injury prone, Coleman is just a huge question mark with Kizer there and his health is sketchy. I would drop a TE and find another WR


Cool, appreicate the feedback. I took ARod in the fourth, I like stacking and it kinda just seemed like the right time to grab him if I was going to take him. I never really go for qb’s early. Ajayi when his oline is healthy has shown big numbers but i am not a huge fan of his and he isnt my go to rb but it was him or howard and i just went ajayi


Rogers in the 4th isn’t terrible, from a value standpoint. I’ve seen him go much higher. My issue is that he pushes your 2nd, 3rd WRs/RBs down as much as a full tier. For example: in my main league, Diggs might have been my WR4 (I actually took Parker over him for the upside, and because I’m worried about him as I stated above). He’s your WR2, and you don’t have much behind him.


Totally hear you man. I actually like Diggs but you bring up good points with him moving to the outside. I am hoping that with Bradfords second year in the system he is a little bit better, and I know he hit a ton of low risk completions last year, but I think the VIkings are going to want to use Diggs all over the field. I can try to package an rb and wr for something