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Rate my team!


I’m in a standard NFL league, take a look and tell me what you think

Derek Carr
Demarco Murray
Jay Ajayi
Brandon Cooks
Martavis Bryant
Kyle Rudolph
Kareem Hunt
Graham Gano
NY Giants

Tyrod Taylor
Doug Martin
Christian Mccaffrey
Allen Robinson
Tyrell Williams
David Njoku


Lots of high risk, right reward guys here. I think there’s a wide range of possible outcomes. I’m not sold on Carr as a QB1, but he should be fine. Im also worried about Murray. He’s not looked good thus far. What I is a big boom/bust candidate, and are Bryant and Cooks.

I think you did a pretty good job hedging that risk with your Bench RBs and WRs (Martin and Robinson, I particular), but think you should strongly consider dropping both Taylor and Djoku for RB/WR fliers. I don’t expect much from either this year, and rostering 2 QBs or TEs (especially TEs) is not a great strategy, especially when you have question marks as your starting RB/WRs.


Love your RB depth. Might need to trade from it to get some WR depth. Thats a questinable crew you have besides Cooks. Carr is a good qb but you need to find a better backup than Taylor. I give it a solid B.


I’m personally not sold on Robinson as a result of my distrust in Bortles. That qb situation makes me really nervous. I actually picked him up very reluctantly.
Also I’m aware of Murray’s injury history, and less than average play in the preseason (although I’m not really worried about the latter). Mccafrey was a LATE round pickup that I was surprised fell to me in the 9th. So I have him as a reliable backup.
I’m really high on Bryant more so than most people. Wheaton being shipped off just makes him really interesting in his situation. That was the main reason I picked him with confidence.


McCaffrey in the 9th is crazy. I love Robinson’s talent, but hate the situation. As a WR2, I’d be nervous. As a WR3, I’m ecstatic. He’s going to get a ton of targets. I think last year is his floor, and that’s a high end WR3.


I’m excited for the explosion that Hunt and Mccaffrey provide. Both of them have been electric in the preseason and getting them in the 4th and 9th respectively was a steal in my opinion. But I neglected WR until late and I hope I don’t pay for it. The ones I did take are high risk/reward and some of them are bound to have a down year.