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Andrew Luck
Isaiah Crowell
Jay Ajayi
Doug Baldwin
Dez Bryant
Jordan Reed
Larry Fitzgerald
Chiefss D/ST
Matt Prater

Joe Mixon
Corey Davis
Ted Ginn Jr.
Kenny Stills
Jack Doyle
Spencer Ware
Andy Dalton


Pretty solid team. Some pretty consistent guys like Fitz and Baldwin with the upside guys like Mixon, Davis etc.
Only criticism I would give (and it’s stretching) is the lack of any guaranteed solid stud. I like Ajayi this year and Bryant “should” be great this year, but I don’t see anyone who jumps out as a slam dunk pick (I’m guessing you picked late in the first round and picked up Ajayi or Bryant with first pick?).

Curious where you picked up Luck?

Overall a solid team for sure with lots of valid options for week to week matchups!


QBs - Love the options here, start the season with Dalton if Luck isn’t ready.
RBs - Could be grood, but a lot of risk here. I don’t believe in Ajayi and Mixon won’t be starting yet.
WRs - I Like your options here, good mix of high floor and high ceiling.
TE - You have a back-up, but honestly if Reed goes down you can stream.

Bench - Not a lot of potential on the bench here.

Overall, you seem weak at RB and boom/bust at WR, and there is risk at the TE spot. Your bench isn’t quite deep enough to cover a bust. Watch that waiver wire!



Believe it or not, I actually picked Le’veon Bell second overall. But a few days after my draft I started realizing my lack of WRs. So I decided to trade Le’veon Bell for Ezekiel Elliott and a few others. A few days later I noticed that there was some major concern on whether or not Zeke would be suspended. So I decided to trade him off for multiple WRs and RBs. I think I made a few questionable moves when trading but overall I’m pretty satisfied. I think that the team has lots of great late 1st Round/Early 2nd Round picks. But it still lacks a superstar player at the RB spot. Is there any RB I should try and trade for? And if so who do I trade?

P.S. I drafted Luck 59th overall, I wanted Drew Brees or Matt Ryan but they had already been selected.

P.P.S This is my first year of playing


Who do you reccomend trading and who should I trade for then?


This is my opinion, but I would see if I can trade D. Bryant for Michael Thomas.


Trading Lev Bell probably hurt your team … a lot. You didn’t say what you get in return, but most of the time that a top end resource is traded for multiple lesser resources, the team that gets the best player is the winner of the trade.


If this is Dynasty, maybe try and trade him for Zeke?


Ajayi apparently just went down in training camp with a head injury. I read concussion is for sure, but something more serious is possible. Just a reminder…Drake was more productive on a per touch basis than Ajayi was in 2016. Just sayin…