Rate my trade and strategy

I traded diggs d cook and Edelman for d Adams.

I’m currently 8-2. I have zek D and k Johnson and Chubb, wr are golladay green Baldwin and Adams. My theory is there is a high probability of me making the play offs. I want elite talent with good match ups for weeks 15-16 (4 team play off). I know I gave up a lot but
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The guy I traded these to I won’t play again and he will play the guys who are tied for 5th and 6th place (both with incredible teams I don’t want to play in the play offs). If both of them lose 1 game and I win 1 I clinch the play offs. My teams worse this week but I’m playing the 3rd seed and losing wouldn’t be the end of the world.

I know I reached for Adams, and gambling hard on geeen returning, do you guys think I made the right move about making trades for the play offs?

I mean I never question how someone else manages their team you know your league better then anyone. I do however think you spent a little much even though Adams is a top 5 WR rest of the way. It potentially might work but it could also backfire. Good luck!

Haha yeah it could def back fire :/. I did use the extra spots to pick up chase Edmonds and rod smith and Courtland Sutton for a bit of insurance.