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Rate my trade! Did I mess up?


I thought I was making a great drunk trade but got some crazy feedback from my league members. I get Melvin Gordon and Sterling Shepard and I give up dez bryant and tarik Cohen. I already have hilton, Evans, and Hogan and wide receiver. I take a hit on receiver but get a top 5 rb… we are ppr league.


Assuming you’re in a 2 WR plus flex league, I would have accepted that too. You have a solid WR group, and Shepherd will probably average 10 targets a game once he’s back. Melvin Gordon is clearly the best player in that trade.


The footballers are so divided on Melvin Gordon and he has layed an egg on tough match ups but my rbs are Freeman and Martin so I needed some juice. Freeman hasn’t really got loose. Thanks for the feedback. Marvin


Good trade man, I would’ve done the same.