Rate my trade: Jordy/Hopkins for Michael Thomas

This is a 0.5 ppr redraft league and I made a poor trade with this guy earlier in the season. How do you feel about this trade?


  • Jordy Nelson
  • DeAndre Hopkins


  • Michael Thomas

Anybody have opinions on Michael Thomas?

Love this for you. Although Hopkins has shown that he’s still going to get a ton of targets, I don’t think Savage will support him ROS. Being a Packers fan this pains me, but Jordy’s value is shot with hundley under center. Michael Thomas is going to breakout here soon it has to be coming. He gets too many targets consistently and his yardage totals are very respectable. Just needs those touchdowns to uptick and I see it happening. Brees isn’t throwing the ball nearly as much this year but Thomas is still his boy and I would definitely love to have that on my roster.


Phew! Your reasoning matches mine exactly. I’m a Clemson fan so it hurts to see Hopkins go but I agree with you, I think that the high target count was because it was Indy. WR talent is so dependent on the QB, it’s difficult to see past it. Jordy is so talented but I’m not confident in Hundley this season either. All will be righted as soon as Aaron comes back next season for your Packers. There are so many offensive weapons. Thanks for taking the time to reply!

I would need to see your WR depth, but first thought are I wouldn’t do it. I don’t quite understand why people think Hopkins value was cut in half after the Watson injury. He was the #1 WR before the injury, and now he’ll probably still be top 8 WR ROS0 He won’t just fall off the map. He will catch some TDs, and the Texans will always be playing from behind (so more target for Hopkins, and he is alreayd top 3 in targets and that won’t change). Not a horrible trade because Jordy is honestly a WR3 at best now, but I actually still like Hopkins over MT ROS just barely.

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