Rate my trade! Please *updated*

I get the 1.06, 8.06 and 13.06
I give up the 3.04, 5.04, and 7.04

I get an 11th rounder***, not the 10th

How many teams are there? How many total players will you have? I’m assuming this is dynasty?

Redraft, 12 team, I get 7 bench players. Standard starters

In a 12 team league, i would lean towards not doing this. While having 2 stars would help, that depth will be much needed.

Bro this is a pretty damn even trade. That doesn’t happen often. Only thing I could think would even it up more would be you getting a 10th and an 8th instead. So counter with that. But 1.06 is obviously the best pick but you need to think who you would even draft with that pick. The top tier RBs are gone so you are either reaching for a 2nd tier RB or going WR. AB most likely gone already.

I’d counter with what I just said but if he says no, I’d probably still take the trade. You get pick 4 to get either Zeke or DJ, then pick 6 you get to reach for a RB or snag a Top WR. All the GREAT talent is gone after the 3rd and after that it’s all opinion and guesses. No matter how good any of us are at FF, no one can predict which middle of the pack players will have the great year. Good luck with that. But how do you have set picks every round? Not a snake draft?

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Okay I made edits to the original post, but now we are about to finalize the deal with as follows

Team me gets
1.06, 8.06, 13.06

Team him gets
3.04, 5.04, and 7.04

It’s the same pick because a) he drafts from the 6th spot so it’s always x.06 and b) because he’s getting my “odd” # picks so since I draft 4th overall it’s consistent x.04 on every “odd” round. I apologize if that explanation was overkill. Lol

To further clarify it is a snake draft

My picks if this goes through:
1.04, 1.06
13.04, 13.09