Rate my trade please!

12 Team Half Point PPR

Received: Robert Woods and Marvin Jones Jr
Gave: Allen Robinson and James White

Team not including the trade:
QB: Patrick Mahomes
RB: Christian McCaffrey
RB: David Johnson
RB: Kareem Hunt
RB: Chris Thompson
RB: Antonio Gibson
WR: Chris Godwin
WR: Golden Tate
WR: Preston Williams
TE: Darren Waller
TE: Chris Herndon

Winner. I have Woods over Robinson and Marvin will be solid as usual

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Nice thanks! Andy, Mike and Jason seem big on Woods too so it helped in my decision making.

Fantastic trade in my opinion. You won that one for sure. Jones and woods give you that level of consistency. Whereas Robinson has JV quarterbacks and we don’t know what kind of role white will have this season.

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Thank you! I’m so psyched from the Gibson news! Makes trading away White so much nicer!

B+ trade for you. Rob depth is important but if Gibson and Thompson hit you’re in good shape. Allen ceiling higher but I love Woods consistency

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