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Rate my trade plz


Full ppr

Cj Anderson

Kienan Allen

My roster post trade
Lat Murray
Jaron brown/devin funchess

I know rough lineup we trade pics and I went all in last year. However I’ve played the waiver to a 3-1 record. I’m high on kienan r o s and in ppr think I can cash in to get him with CJ Anderson. I think I need the upside player who can win me games in Allen.

Thoughts on this one?


Bump what y’all think?


I think you shouldve held onto anderson because starting rbs are valuable. You shouldve at least tried to get a rb back in return


Yea I agree with that.
Keenan is a significant upgrade over Landry, but you gave up CJ Anderson who is ranked as the
9-12th best RB for the rest of he season in PPR.


actually I dont even think keenan is that significant of an upgrade over landry since its full ppr. Keenan has seen 40 targets through 4 games and Jarvis has seen 33 through 3 games, meaning jarvis is averaging 1 target per game more than keenan. Jarvis has 25 receptions in 3 games while keenan has 24 in 4 games. I would most definitely rather have keenan but he isnt leaps and bounds better than landry in a full ppr in my opinion. JP3 definitely has the weak side of the trade.


thanks guys looks like i may have lost this one upfront. hopefully i can make it work out for me on the backend of the season. (Chris Carson injury rly hurts as i woulda been confident slotting him in for CJ, im now stashing lacy and rawls)

so im also chasing points this week as CJ is on bye. i know risky but im 3-1 with my weak team by taking risks and i expecting going into the season after not drafting till 4th round to do this. i think keanan gives me a stronger chance to win this week and then i can shop him for a RB2 WR2/flex type once he has a blow up game.

also im very high on kienans ros over landrys who after week 2 with 15 targets has just looked worse and worse with cutty at the healm.


drop both lacy and rawls. Theyre just wasting roster spots