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Rate the team guess 2-4


Big money league, I feel great about this. What where picks 2-4?


You have the three RBs being drafted inside the top 15 or so at the position that I want on my team the least, because I don’t like any of their situations at all. I also don’t like the idea of starting (or even rostering) more TE’s than I absolutely have to. Eifert is a huge risk, so I guess you felt like you had to get a second, but that’s why I just don’t draft him (and why a third?). A handcuff RB in a bad offense doesn’t hold much value in my book either. Do you really want to spend 2 picks, and 2 roster spots on Jags RBs, one of which is only useful if the other is hurt? Moncreif and Coleman have nice upside, but your other bench WRs are barely rosterable in my opinion, unless it’s a very, very deep league.


Thanks for the opinion. You realize it’s a 20 round draft though? I took ivory, at 20. Only so many players to pick from bud. But you are right my RBS are in tough spots. + Its TE 1.5 PPR league.


Haha, it was a bit deeper than I realized, Yes. That makes much more sense.