Rate the trade Lockett Gone

10 Team PPR

Tevin Coleman


After making the deal, received an offer of Cooks and Gordon III for Jeudy, would you do that?

QB - Hurts, Tannehill
RB - Zeke, Najee, Montgomery, Jones II, Dillon, Pollard (and have claim for K Drake which doesn’t process till Monday)
WR - Allen, Kupp, CDavis, Fuller V, Jeudy
TE - Waller
K - Bass

Currently have the 1 open roster spot, so comes down to do the trade or wait for Drake waiver claim to go through Monday

Wow, Merry Christmas to that guy!

I would almost vote to veto that, if I was in the league–and I don’t veto much!

Getting Cooks and Gordon for Jeudy helps right the ship a little, but man, you dealt yourself a blow–4 top 20ish players for a couple of flex guys… sheesh.

4 top 20 guys lmfao


Well, maybe not Coleman–but if he remains the lead RB for the Jets, top 25 could be possible.

But Lockett? Outscored DK Metcalf over the back half of 2020. Conner? Posted 1470 and 13 the last time he played for his current RB coach in Pittsburgh. Hines? RB15 last year in PPR.

And they were all traded away for a RB who had 575/3 through November last year (and likely a rookie QB most of this year), and a WR on the team with the worst QB sitch in the NFL.

Let me know how that works out for you…

Will do and cannot WAIT to revisit this lmfaoooooo any of your leagues you’re in have any openings? Would love to take your money :joy:

This is an interesting one.

I like Monty, but LOVE Lockett. His inconsistent stretches are outweighed by his Tyreek-level week winning performances, so I’d always lean towards keeping him. I will say that based on your roster construction, I get the player swap based on needing a better RB3 than Jones. I wouldn’t feel great swapping Lockett for Monty, but I understand it in your case. Montgomery is a solid RB2 and you needed a guy like that.

As for the rest, you can survive moving guys like Conner, Hines and certainly Coleman, but I just don’t know how to feel about Jeudy.

I’d probably prefer to have the RB depth than stock in that Denver passing game and I’d definitely do the Gordon/Cooks deal for Jeudy (I think I might like Cooks more than Jeudy straight up).

Do the second deal and I’d feel much better about how you’re looking.

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Where were you a week ago when teams were still being drafted and I was recruiting for Dogs of War and it was like crickets around here?

So would a lot of other people, but so far, it’s just a lot of wishful thinking.