Rate these players. 3rd round teir

10 man ppr. I have the snake turn at #1

rank best to worst
Damien William, henry, Freeman, Jacobs, fournette.

Williams, Fournette, Freeman, Jacobs, Henry

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Freeman, Henry, Williams, Fournette, Jacobs

Freeman is playing on a team that will put up a lot of points this year and Coleman is no longer there to vulture carries/TDs. Ito Smith doesn’t worry me.

When Ten moved on from the belief that Lewis/Henry was a time share and decided to give Henry the reigns, he went 17, 33, 21, 16 carries to end the season. It’s officially his gig now and should expect that the whole season.

Williams has a ton of upside but the worry is if he can handle the workload. If he doesn’t perform well in the first few weeks, this could turn into a time share and that worries me. He’s the biggest risk guy here, but also has a very high ceiling.

Fournette has no pressure behind him to lose the job. His only issue is his health. He’s always had ankle/foot issues dating all the way back to high school. Jac should be turning the offense around with Foles at the helm and Fournette should get 18-20 carries a game if he stays healthy.

Jacobs has the highest upside of all the rookie RBs, but that’s just it, he’s a rookie. We don’t know what he’s going to be capable of, so he has the lowest floor in my rankings. Oakland has a pretty poor o-line right now as well, but hopefully AB can relieve some of the stacked boxes.

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(Assume Devonta) Freeman, Jacobs, Fournette, Henry, Williams

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Freeman, Williams, Fournette, Jacobs, Henry

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Assuming this is redraft

Dame > Jacobs > Henry > Fournette > Freeman

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wow thanks for the explanations. appreciate it alot