Rate this team/TE help

14 Team PPR drafted #11 (1RB/2WR/2FLEX) “State of Trey” Wondering if I should pickup Blake Jarwin or Donald Parnell for TE instead of Kmet.

Dak Prescott
Chris Carson
Davante Adams
Deandre Hopkins
Cooper Kupp
Darrell Henderson
Cole Kmet???


Damien Harris
Trey Sermon
Trey Lance
Antonio Brown
Darnell Mooney

This is an awesome team for a 14 team league. Nice work. I’d hold onto Kmet for week one. Not sure the others (especially Parham) are in any better situation, and with any of the three you may be looking to stream for week 2, so just ride it out with the highest upside guy for week one. At least Kmet has less competition for targets, and he could benefit from a switch to Fields if you’re able to hold onto him long enough for that.

No, but there are probly TEs on your waiver wire that you SHOULD pick up to replace Kmet.

Lance was a wasted pick, and I don’t like your WR depth much, but you have pretty solid starters for a 14 team league–outside of Kmet, of course.


Thanks for the feedback! I ended up pivoting from Kmet to Firkser.

Not sure how to shore up my WR depth without gutting my RB depth… maybe hope for an early “trade high” opportunity from Antonio Brown?