Rate this trade and who to pick up from waivers

I got Metcalf for swift and Higgins

I have a bench spot open now, and on waivers Jerry Jeudy, Goedart, Dobbins, Joshua Kelly, Tua are there

who would you think I should pick up?

my team
QB: Big Ben, Stafford
RB: Cook, Jones, Freeman, Scott
WR: Golladay, Metcalf, Dionate Johnson, Jefferson
TE: Fant, Higbee

bump up please

Dobbins or Kelley. If you need a guy now Kelley, if can wait id go dobbins. He might become more of a factor as season progresses and might be more soon if Ingram was to miss any games

okay dobbins sounds good. Would Goedart be a must add in place of higbee? or wait on goedart?

I would pick up Goedart and stash. Could be huge with Ertz out. Especially if you have an IR spot, if that’s the case pick up Two.

sadly no IR spot, I would drop Big Ben but this is a 12 team league and every other team is holding onto 2 qbs. The waiver is slim for qbs right now.

If Fant plays this week, I would definitely drop Higbee for Goedart.