Rate this trade.. did I give away too much?

Hello footclans - please put my mind at ease by rating this trade. Did I give away too much?? I’m acquiring Bell amd Brown and I hope I haven’t given away too much.

I have CMC and Mixon as my starting RBs

Depends if you have the RB depth to sustain you until Bell plays again

I have CMC and Mixon

definitely not. you did well

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Here is my line up:

i like this trade, man. With this team you have, you wont be hurting until bell is back. And good luck deciding betweet Tate, J. Brown, Edelman and Kenny G. every week lol

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Hahaha yea man. That’s what I’m struggling at when it comes to those players as to whom to plug in

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Nice play, you have the guys to allow the Bell stash and you should be in good shape down the stretch when he’s back - well done! Also Brown back as well is a great result, he’s playing really well right now, nice work.

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