Rate this trade for Hilton?

Trading matt breida, Sammy Watkins for TY Hilton

My core is :
Michael Thomas
Manny sanders
George Kittle


Be: breida, Watkins, Powell, Lindsay and John Brown and Baldwin

Did I win this trade?

I think getting max value for Brieda is smart, I think TY Hilton is a smart target… I like Watkins more than most but I think this is a fair trade for both sides.

Both were bench guys for me haha

Hard to tell. Breida may trend down, Watkins seems to be trending up in a high power offense. Hilton is in paper the better talent and should be a WR1 with Luck as the QB. Luck still looks shaky so… the bet here is that Luck is going to trend up and push Hilton up with him.

Given that you are not in immediate need of those players I think this is good.

can’t completely devalue bench players but I don’t think either team got worse (which in the end is the spirit of trades anyhow eh?)