Rate this trade for RoS

I was offered Cooper kupp if I give him alshon Jeffery…I understand stand kupp has mcl it’s just about if which one is better RoS cause I can play a different wr this week my backups are

Adam thielen
Keenan Allen
Josh Gordon
Fitz…if he ever shows up

I know kupp is a top wr but I feel like the numbers are skewed cause he had 1 big game, Jeffery feeling more consistent but I dunno

I like kupp more. But honestly it’s a preference. I actually think Jeffrey is more of the big play guy. But if you see Jeffreys stat line he is known to be up and down. With the way eagles play I could see him having down weeks. I think once kupp is back he’s got a great floor and ability to have a big game. You have a lot of depth at wr. If you needed a wr now I would go after Jeffrey but you seem to be set.

Sorry I would hold onto Jeffrey if you feel like your short at wr. I read trade wrong.

Jeffery all day. You don’t need steady, you have that in Thielen and Allen. I would rather have Jeffery and his big games. Wentz loves him too