Rate this trade I just made

I gave up Robert Woods and Mostert (sp) for Royce Freeman and John Brown.

I have Josh Allen at QB since Cam went down, so this gives me a decent stack with Allen/Brown. And Freeman has looked great and is imo a fantastic handcuff if Lindsey goes down. I also have Coleman, so Mostert might be useless down the line.

Woods has big upside at receiver but hasn’t done anything yet. I also have Adams and Evans at receiver and they’ve also done nothing. I’ll start Brown at flex and hope I finally have some decent WR production this season.

I think the pick up of Royce is interesting, he’s looked like the better back and coleman is going to return at some point and Mostert won’t be of much value at that point, So i would say decent trade, but will have to wait to see how it all pans out