Rate this trade please, 8-0 currently

Alvin Kamara & TY Hilton for Stefon Diggs & Kareem Hunt

Here’s my roster:
Davante Adams
Marvin Jones
George Kittle
James White

Ty Hilton, Nick Chubb Jordan Howard, doug Baldwin, Taylor Gabriel, Dj Moore

Do it fam and when you win send him
A thank you card

Kamara a better RB though or hunt?

I think Kamara is the better back but falls subject to a split backfield whereas Hunt has the backfield to himself. Definite upgrade in WR IMO. You’d be safe taking that trade

That is a tough question and there is no right/wrong answer because they are both so great…
But I would rather have Hunt because he is in a great offense and is the workhorse back not really sharing the load with another RB…

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Thanks guys