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Rate this trade please


I traded Marquis Lee & J ajayi for Michael Thomas
How did I do?

WR: Dez
WR: Crabtree
WR: Parker
RB: Ajayi
RB: A Jones
Flex: Sanu/Abdullah
BN: Lee, Gordon(Bye), Morris, Woodhead (IR)


I don’t hate it. Lee is waiver fodder and Ajayi is still an unknown. With Gordon on the bench I can see moving Ajayi for Thomas who is an established, solid WR.


Okay sweet, I figured Jones would
Be an RB2 despite his playoff schedule.


Second opinions?


I don’t love trading away starting RBs for a WR, but this one is ok. Ajayi definitely worries me. Not a home run, but not bad.


Do you think Morris (Zeke suspension still unknown) can make up for the RB3? I still like Jones at rb2 as well


Does he have a low end rb3 you could grab like a d Henry or buck Allen?


He dropped Ty Mont in the trade.


Hmm yea I’m with dfwb I’m not a fan of wr for rb trades either is there anybody on the waiver you could pick up just in case


Rob Kelly is on the waivers?


He just had a solid game I’d grab him and if he has another you might be able to either keep him or sell high


I’m also stashing Morris for the zeke suspension


I think I will keep Morris unless Zeke plays this week cause I’m tired of holding on to him, and I will pick up Rob Kelley! Thanks guys! My WR’s have really been struggling with inconsistency and hopefully Thomas adds to this.


Yea my wr have been keeping in games and I drafted gurley but my rb2 and flex are hurting bad lol


I’m hoping Aaron Jones can prove he’s the lead back 100% tonight which would reassure my RB2 position. I’m flexing Sanu or Parker and so far I’ve been happy


I’m just astonished I could sell Lee high on his good game with Fournette our


Yea sanu has been solid


He’s deffiently a nice flex and fill for 10-12 points each week regardless of matchup


I just got offered Crowell, Howard, hurns for drake and funchess lmao