Rate this trade... win or lose?!?

How’d I do?!? Traded Saquon for Odell and Hopkins full Ppr, 3 keeper empire league

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I like it! You have 2 guys who will beast the Receptions. You can focus your early picks on filling you RB lineup and not worry about the WR for a few rounds. It is tough getting rid of a top 3ish RB, but I beleive you have 2 WR1s

Are you keeping an RB with your 3rd keeper

It’s a 8 man league, 2 Qb, Have Henry, Ingram, Mack and Fournette at Rb
Baker and Darnold at Qb
Aj green, Keenan Allen and Amari at wr
Ertz at TE
Need one more keeper… really leaning Ertz

I would fall on top of Ertz

I love Ertz! I would Keep him.

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Assuming no draft penalty, my 8 keepers would be:

You can draft Ingram and/or Darnold later if you really want them

Only get 3 keepers, it’s a 8 man auction league, no penalty

Oh my bad, I misread.
Hmmmm, normally I would keep Ertz or Fournette because I am a big proponent and believer in position player over QB. However, in a 2QB league, I think Baker may be the keep.