Rate this trade?

I have Drew Bree’s and Jared Goff as my QBs and I just traded Goff and Nelson Aghelor for Marcus Mariota based on how nice Mariota playoff schedule will be.

Good or bad decision?

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I don’t think so, I wouldn’t have traded Aghelor for Mariota just because he is a QB.

Assuming you don’t play Nelson and had no plans to play/need him I’d say this is fine. Always nice to plan for the playoffs.


I don’t like that Aghelor is helping another team win.

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Current Roster is

QB: Brees, Mariota
RBs: Fourntte, McCaffery, Kamara, Woodhead and Crowell
WR: Micheal Thomas, Sanu, Davante Parker, Juju and Jordy Nelson
TE: Engram and Olsen

Any other moves you guys think I should make before the deadline, Im currently 4-5 in a 10 team PPR league

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Solid line-up, but I suspect you may have gained less value than you traded.