Rate trade, AJ Green for Jordan Howard

Full ppr. I gave Green to receive Howard. That leaves me with Tate, Fitz, Dez, Theilen, Crowder. I have Gronk at TE. RBs are now Kamara, Demarco Murray, Jordan Howard, Dion Lewis, Kenyon Drake.

I was feeling shaky on RB and overstacked on receiver. How did I do? Let me have it if you hate it.

I love this trade! Aj Green is great, but Howard has been on fire, even with sharing the backfield recently.

Nice. Thank you.

Personally I would love to be on the AJ Green side of this trade. Howard is a great player, but he’s not on a great offense and he won’t give you added value in a PPR.

You still got a great player in return, I’ve got Howard in my league too, I just feel like AJ is a higher lever player, regardless of position.

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Ya, interesting take and I think I agree in isolation, but my remaining wide outs are still pretty strong and now my RB is more solid, which was why I did it. I have to say though, I do value AJ higher than Howard overall. It was certainly a high price to pay to upgrade the RB position! Thanks

try to trade dez if you can, dude is an absolute Zero right now. package him and demarco to get a gurley or a stud rb, tate fitz thielen and crowder are solid at WR.

Good thinking. Trade deadlines are all past. Darn.