Rather have Edelman or Josh Gordon?

Which of the two would you rather have ROS in a full ppr league, I’m looking to add one to a trade…

PPR Edelman… though I admit Gordon does peak my interest. Edelman has the safer floor week in week out

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With that, would you add Gordon to this trade over Edelman?

Give: Gronk Chubb and Gordon

For: Burton Mixon and John Brown

I don’t mind that… Mixon>Chubb ppr. The rest for me are sideways

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Worth it to give up Gordon to help get Mixon? Is Edelman okay to give up if they prefer him?

Would you go after John Brown, Baldwin or Funchess for Edelman or Gordon?

Feel like that’s to much given. Gronk, while has been iffy so far, has the higher ceiling. While Brown has been solid… I feel like Bal O is capped to a point as they prefer to run and play D if they can. Chubb is the unknown and I love his upside, just for this year PPR I’d prefer Mixon.

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what about going after keenan allen? hes been under performing he should be able to pick it up sooner rather than later

give up Gronk Chubb Edelman and Hyde/Tre’Quan Smith for Mixon Burton and Allen? or does that seem unfair? I could also possible try getting Baldwin. I prefer those two for Edelman over John Brown.

Edelman and Allen could return similar value. Only difference is Edelman is target 1 and Allen at times is a decoy for the deep tosses to the Williams brothers. Only advantage is Allen would have his bye out of the way, but I’d prefer Edelman Gronk and Chubb to the return. Bad thing about bigger deals, it’s hard to get value for each player. If you want to move Gronk to get the safer Burton… Gronk/Chubb for Burton/Mixon? Just leave the WR out

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only thing is he wants more, I offered him Hyde, but he declined him I was looking to add Edelman just cuz I could possibly get one of his WRs in return.

I get that… but you’re getting lowballed on Gronk and Chubb… the fact there’s trade talks going implies he wants your guys… you’re job to make sure it’s not on the cheap. :wink: Plus Mixon is on bye next week so why I wouldn’t over pay this week.

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Edelman no doubt for me. Think he’ll get most volume/targets pretty assuredly.

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