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Ravens d on waivers


The ravens defense is on my waivers. I currently have the Vikings d a d dont want to drop them but the ravens have a better matchup this week. My bench at the moment is:

Ju ju
Kerryin Johnson
Chris thompson
Allen hurns
Sony Michel
Trey burton - travis kelce is my starter

Any advice would be helpful.


i would just roll with the vikings. but if you really want bal dfst i would drop crabtree


Crabtree would be my drop of thise guys


I would look at who has the better matchup for your defense the next few weeks and take that defense. I wouldn’t drop anyone to roster 2 defenses.


I wouldn’t drop any of those to pick up another defense. Vikings have a great matchup this week as well. If you like them more the next few weeks then I would stick with what you have


Hurns if anyone.


Just roll with the Vikings. Defenses are a roll of the dice every week, even in supposedly good matchups.


Roll with the Vikes


If you like Baltimore more this week then drop the Vikings. It is just a defense and there is always going to be a better matchup every week.


I would be willing to drop Vikings D for Ravens D .

Vikings D is always really good NFL defense but isn’t necessarily the best fantasy D cause they don’t get that many turnovers / scores on defense. They just don’t let opponents score.