Ravens D/ST a must keep?

I have the Ravens D/ST and heard high praise for them now that Jimmy Smith is back. But I’ve had really good luck streaming other defenses when one is available that I like. In the last 4 weeks I’ve gotten 70 from whatever D/ST I’m using and only one of them was Baltimore. If I would have just started Baltimore every week I would have only gotten 41 points in those 4 games and that includes the 21 point outburst against the Titans when they got 11 sacks. Even if Baltimore is an elite D/ST, I don’t know that I want to start them every week. And yet I don’t like carrying 2 D/STs.

This week I used the Colts D/ST and it worked out. And over the next 6 games the Colts will be up against this lousy string of offenses: Raiders, Jags, Titans, Dolphins, Jags and Texans. Over that same stretch I don’t see any really juicy matchups for the Ravens D/ST except for Oakland in week 12 and their playoff schedule is against the Chiefs, Bucs and Chargers, not good matchups for a defense.

So is it crazy to hang on to the Colts and drop or trade the Ravens?

I’d much rather have the Ravens but if you can trade them for a valuable position player that’s even better than playing them ROS. If you’re just choosing the Colts over the Ravens though, I think it’s a mistake to drop the Ravens. Colts games against those teams I think will be competitive and higher scoring than it looks on paper, and both teams can play to each other’s level against the Colts D, which has tended to allow this to happen anytime the offense has gotten a lead. Shutting down the Bills doesn’t count for much…

I dropped the Ravens before this week for the Colts. While they can cause turnovers, I look for the upsides in streaming my D’s with the good to great matchups. I don’t want to waste and extra roster spot on a D when it could have depth for another position I need filling it.

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I’m in the same boat. Have ravens def and started colts this past week. Their match ups are very poor ROS, I’d rather stream away.

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