RAVENS D/ST rest of season?

So, ravens defense has burned me the last 3 weeks, and their schedule rest of season include: falcons, chiefs, buccaneers, and chargers… Some great offenses.
Is it ok to drop them now? the more time i hold them, the less defenses are available on the wire

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I personally would not trust the Ravens D/ST in the playoffs, due to their schedule.

The D/ST I’m trying to target is the Redskins. They just had a terrible week against the Falcons, and they play TB this upcoming week, but look at their schedule after that:

Hou, @Dal, @Phi, NYG, @Jax, @Ten

Not one of those matchups scares me. @Phi could be a down week, but that’s the week before playoffs, so you can probably afford a down week there.

If the Redskins aren’t on the wire right now, watch on Wednesday; there’s a good chance they get dropped.

I dropped the Ravens and couldn’t be happier. I’ve been streaming DSTs and putting up points like crazy. I just grabbed the Jags DST while they were on Bye (I had an easy matchup this week so played them on a bye) for the upcoming weeks because of their schedule. They have the Titans, Redskins, and Dolphins during playoffs which looks great to me provided they get back on track. Add on the bonus of them having the Bills coming up just before playoffs as well.

The NFL likes to hype up defenses though based on who they’ve played not looking forward at the challenges to come. The Ravens DST is starting to struggle now that they’re facing true offensive powers. The guy who picked them up was baited into using a waiver claim which helped me climb the charts and lost him a week too lol.
Point being, I’d do it. There are lots of DSTs with much better schedules.

I did a similar thing i actually traded the ravens for the Jags for their ROS schedule (no one drops name DSTs in my league for some reason). I love the week 12 onwards to close but week 10, 11 and 13 (just a blip) they have Indy, Pittsburgh and Indy. The Jags also need to win out to get into the playoffs and with Blake putting the D in awful spots each week what is your confidence in starting them against the Colts offense this week which looks good and Pittsburgh the week after?

I was going to stream these weeks myself but if they lose this week to Indy, then to the Steelers they could be out of contention and the personalities on that team will likely continue to implode so as i’m in the same position would you actually consider them a safe ROS DST or are you just using them for the best matchups upcoming like the Bills then potentially stashing a contending DST out of the many choices for the playoffs?

I’m buying in on them. As a team they rely heavily on Time of Possession. Having Fournette back will be huge for them especially Bortles because it will open up the field. A better offense that can control the clock would lead to less defensive reps giving the defense time to rest overall. I’m forward thinking in this fashion but they payout could be huge. I think they do fine against Indy though. They won’t put up a ton of points but I think they get a healthy amount of sacks and a turnover or two. Especially since Indy’s D is middle of the pack. Pittsburgh is the team that I’m really worried about when as far as DST goes. I only roster one DST at a time though and use the rest of my roster for depth at other positions. Especially at WR and RB even if it’s just for trade tokens to have a lineup full of studs.

Thanks guys, im going to drop them. They have a bye, then Bengals and Raiders… If i’d keep them, would be just for the raiders game, but i dont think is worth wasting a roster spot for a defense that has helped me lose the last 3 weeks with less than 3 points lol

For next week, would you guys pick up and keep ROS:
Redskins D/ST @ TB, vs HOU, @DAL, @PHI, vs NYG, @JAX, @TEN
Colts D/ST vs JAX, vs TEN, vs MIA, @JAX, @HOU, vs DAL, vs NYG

Or stream every week? Some d/sts available are:

The Colts could be interesting as they don’t play any decent/high scoring offense until HOU week 14 but you could use them this week until week 14 then pivot to some else with the matchups like the Lions, then it’s just week 16 but if someone like Denver is there then or even the Jags, Skins they could be good options as well

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