Ravens @ browns
Titans @ bills

Titans d/st just got dropped, and i have an extra spot in my line up, should i pick them up and bench ravens this week? Or am i good playing ravens against baker and go get someone like taywan taylor in the waivers?

Pick up the Titans defense and start them this week over the Ravens D

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I like the Ravens here. Taywan is a good ROS pick up.

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I can also drop alf morris for taywan and pick up the titans… not sure if alf is droppable, but he isnt that good rn

You would likely only be starting the Titans for this one week, so if you feel like your team will win with the Ravens D this week pick up Taywan…

I would not drop Alfred Morris…
Serviceable RBs are hard to find on waivers so I personally like to hold on to RB depth…

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Im up against luck and sony michel this week lol really dont know what to do, anyways, i put a waiver pick on the titans and one on taywan, theyre both for saturday morning… gonna have a day to decide who do i want the most
Thanks bros