Ravens RB Pecking Order

What do people foresee the pecking order on the Ravens to be after Ingram?

My view is Hill, Edwards, Dixon.
Anybody think any differently? Do you think Edwards is going to get enough touches this year to be a startable asset if Ingram stays healthy?

I was offered a trade in a dynasty league and the focal point of the trade was Gallup and Edwards. There were other minimal players and picks involved, but I really just care about the starter guys here.

I’m not touching Edwards with a 10 foot pole. Hill is next up after Ingram and will get a lot of 3rd down work.

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Hill will break into an Alvin Kamara-esque role in Baltimore

Lamar Jackson is the best Ravens RB :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He’s been my rookie RB crush from the get go. I totally believe he is gunna ball out.

The only other RB he’d probably be willing to trade is Royce. I don’t like how people value him, and even so I think would rather have Gallup at this point.

I’m guessing its a pipe dream that I could get freeman and a rookie pick/a rookie who may need to wait a year to be relevant straight for gallup?

So would you guys say that Hill is worth a stash? Over guys like Justin Jackson?

I think Hill is going to have an unexpected amount of standalone value. Just so explosive and he’ll be the pass catching back from what i;ve heard